Involving you

Members of the Participation and Engagement Network


Connecting with Communities

Involving service users, patients, carers, families and partners began from the earliest stage.


The Public Reference Group (PRG) was set up as early as 2012 and since this time, our rolling programme of communications has reached out to the hundreds of patient and service user representatives and partner agencies to glean views and to ensure the voices of the most vulnerable are heard in Fife. 


This proactive involvement continues in earnest with a new body of community representatives being formed to keep pace and ensure continued representation at local level as the Partnership looks at service change and what this means for communities.  The Participation and Engagement Network has a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills and their input will inform and shape the service of the future.


Community Engagement Events include our most recent ‘Creating Healthy Communities’ (March – May 2017) where teams from the Partnership’s services go out into 7 of the major Fife communities to seek views and opinions on how services can be improved in their area and indeed across Fife.


Previous events have included our ‘Way Forward’ Events which saw over 100 carers, patient, service user representatives and staff from across Fife come together to give their views and share experiences.  This generated a wealth of ideas and suggestions and went on to form the bedrock of the new Participation and Engagement Strategy.


"The Participation and Engagement Network allows the people of Fife to make known their views on the impact of Health and Social Care integration on the services available to them both locally and Fife-wide."  John Stirling, Chairperson, Disabilities Fife

 “The new Partnership and Engagement Strategy has been developed by people who have “hands on” experience alongside the professionals who operate the systems. This will now give us the vehicle which will connect the Health and Social Services with the public who use the services on a daily basis through sickness and disability.”  Carer representative, Peter Hibberd

A copy of the Participation and Engagement Strategy can be found in the Publications section.